About the Book



Symbolically greeted by an unusually early spring, the afternoon of March 27, 1973 marked a pivotal moment in Oscar’s life. It was the day that he arrived in Montreal, Canada, and the world became his oyster. He was sixteen years old. Ten time zones and three continents away, in South Asia, Oscar had bid a permanent farewell to his parents and brothers, extended family, friends, and everything familiar, including the hot tropical climate. But Oscar’s journey was no happenstance; it was the unfolding of a dream, the origins of which he has traced back to when he was eight years old. He took steps to make it happen, and it did. His life before that pivotal moment was in sharp contrast to his life after. This is Oscar's story of after and before, told against a backdrop of the music inextricably linked to his recollections.

March 27

Bob Dylan